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Once upon a time Andrew Ridgway wanted to be a writer. More than twenty years after he accidentally became a nurse he published his first book of poetry, After the Applause, in 2022. In which, drained from the professional daily battle with Covid 19 he channelled his emotions into poetry.He also found time to make a podcast, ‘Behind the Rhymes’, with his partner Maja Trajkovska, which you can hear in the usual places you get your podcasts, if you know what a podcast is (even his mum knows now!).He is currently working on a third book of poetry.

About the Books


Stafford Litfest 2022

Im happy to report I will be reading some of my poems from After the Applause in front of an audience at the Litfest on Saturday the 21st of May, I will also be having a stall there where I will ........

Day one

My book came out on the 31st of March, a proud moment of almost 18 months of development. Happily celebrated with a non alcoholic fizzy wine 🍷 (see pic below) Many more things are on the horizon ........


Having just got over Covid

Having just got over Covid I thought I’d post this poem, written at 3am during a fever……. My holiday with covid From the land Of the Great Wall It’s said You came to my house Ma ........


So I’m kind of new to this whole blog thing, but I am good at stories so bear with me….. It’s been in interesting week of firsts for many reasons, and not just because my book was out on the 31 ........


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